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Mastering the Work Ecosystem: Harnessing the Power of Skills, Workflow, and Organizational Design

Greetings, fellow HR aficionados and talent strategy enthusiasts! Are you feeling overwhelmed by the gargantuan task of reshaping your organization from a job-based legacy to a skill-based future? If so, you are in good company. Building a modern workforce is…

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From Skills Data to Action: Communicating Skills Strategy and Performance to Business Leaders

Nobody cares about skills. It may sound controversial, but it is the reality for most business leaders and talent executives.  A common research finding is that skills is a top issue for CEOs, learning and development experts, hiring and talent…

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An Operating Model for Building a Skills-Based Organization

What is a Skills-Based Organization All About? Creating a skills-based organization is a top priority for HR, learning and development, and the C-suite.  The key principle is moving from a job focus and mindset to skills. Associated term like “atomization…

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Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT: Transforming Your Skills Strategy into Action

Since ChatGPT was released into the wild in November 2022, I’ve read countless threads and articles showing how to use this tool to assist with marketing, copywriting, app development, and many other use cases. I’ve started experimenting with it myself…

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Experts Skills Roundtable: Building Skills Culture Through Shared Purpose

Are job descriptions dead? What’s all the buzz about the skills-based organization (SBO)? How can my organization get value from  this new trend? How can I enhance the discussion of skills and skills strategy within my team?  Leaders bring these…

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Experts Skills Roundtable: Strategies for Building a Collaborative and Supportive Virtual Work Culture

As companies compete for top talent in the global marketplace, a strong skills culture remains a vital component of any successful skills strategy. Top talent is attracted to companies with the right values and culture that support career development, mobility,…

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What Industry Experts and Leaders are Saying about Skills Strategy and Culture

Many top HR managers, talent acquisition experts, and learning executives in medium- and large-scale companies have several questions relating to skills strategy, culture, and architecture.  How do we commit our employees to a learning culture?  How do we prepare for…

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Augemented Intelligence

Skills at Scale: Using Artificial Intelligence to Power Your Skills Strategy

Upskilling, reskilling, and rightskilling (getting the right skills to the right place at the right time) is a top priority for the C-suite, human resources (HR), and learning and development (L&D).  The skills conversation has accelerated since the onset of the…

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You’re wasting money on training content

Two companies (A and B) spent $5000 on a new digital training course for their sales teams. The companies are nearly identical. Both have 100 salespeople and operate in the same region. Both companies released the new course on the…

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How to Tell Stories with Data

Storytelling is as old as humanity.  Before we had art, before we had writing, before we even had language, we had stories. Imagine a prehistoric hunter – Harry the Happy Hunter – coming back to his village with a giant…

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