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Since ChatGPT was released into the wild in November 2022, I’ve read countless threads and articles showing how to use this tool to assist with marketing, copywriting, app development, and many other use cases. I’ve started experimenting with it myself and came up with this simple question: Can you use ChatGPT for skills strategy and execution? 

Yes you can!  Here’s are the prompts I used to go from a capability model for Data and Digital to design and execution for an AI Literacy learning program. These are the exact prompts I used and responses I received. Not perfect, but impressive. In about 20 minutes, I was able to generate reasonable drafts of content that would have taken days to generate on my own.

1) Starting high level and strategic, I asked to create a capability model for Data and Digital.

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2) Solid start, now I need to break this down a bit further to skills and make the data more usable by putting it into a table:

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3) Now I want to take take a chunk of this (Artificial Intelligence)  and break it down based on a target audience (new to AI) and I want to get them through awareness to some hands-on experience.

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4) I could further break this down, but keeping this high level, now I want 10 questions and answers to check understanding of the overall topic.

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5) Good start on awareness, now how can I assess actual skill development and performance readiness?

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6) Let’s take one of these and break it down further to how it would work in practice. I’m feeling good about ChatGPT, I’ll let it choose.

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7) Skipping over curating and creating the actual content, le’s assume we’ve built this out. Now let’s promote it.  I start with a video script. 

Prompt: Write a short video script to promote this learning program. Include problems the learner will be able to solve as a result of participating in this program, and a call to action to sign up at mycompany/ailiterate

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8) We’ll also need a promotional email:

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9) Next, we’ll need a web page registration.  Let’s take a crack at copy for that.

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10) That’s a wrap!  That’s how you can use ChatGPT to support skills from strategy through execution.  This was my first attempt at this. If you have ideas for prompts or other ways to experiment with ChatGPT, put them in the comments.