In this session, we dive into a case study that showcases the successful implementation of a skills-based strategy tailored to meet the needs of both desked knowledge workers and deskless frontline staff. We’ll explore the challenges of meeting the diverse needs of the workforce, strategies that work, and the tangible benefits achieved when organizations commit to empowering every level of employee through targeted skill development.

Join us for a case study presentation followed by a dynamic Q&A session. Engage with thought leaders, share insights with peers, and discover actionable strategies that bridge the gap between today’s desked and deskless workforce.

Whether you’re already navigating the complexities of skills-based transformation or seeking inspiration on how to get started, this event will provide practical insights and advice for building a more resilient, skilled, and agile workforce.


Brian Richardson

Founder and CEO, Richardson Consulting Group

Steve Dineen

President and Chief Storyteller, Fuse Universal